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Our next event will take place on the 27th of Januari in Malmö. Read more and sign up below.

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VAlidate your agile work!

In Agile we aim to continuously develop what we deliver to our (end) consumers. In this process we need to evaluate our work both for our own sake and for that of the consumers. With our hosts this Monday, ProgressLEAD, we will seek answers on how to make tests work for us in an Agile way.

Join our Move-it Monday the 27th of January at Gustav Adolfs torg 51 for a validating discussion!


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We communicate our events and activities in English, this to make sure that our message gets across to all potential participants, national or international. The events will be in Swedish unless there are participants who only speak English, in which case we will hold presentations and have groups in English. Please indicate if you prefer English when you register for an event.
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