We invite you to these coming interactive workshops where you will meet other professionals, share experiences and practice using tools that enhance your agile processes.

We communicate our events and activities in English, this to make sure that our message gets across to all potential participants, national or international. The events will be in Swedish unless there are participants who only speak English, in which case we will hold presentations and have groups in English. Please indicate if you prefer English when you register for an event.​


Start & Stay Agile - how?

Agile methods are spreading outside the IT-core of organisations. The journey to an Agile organisation is trilling, but also filled with challenges. Most of these challenges are similar between organisations – we have a lot to learn from each other when it comes to implementation of an Agile mind set.

This is one of the reasons we have created The Agile Network of Southern Sweden: To allow interested, curious and driven people to exchange experiences and to further develop their work methods within Agile and Lean. We believe that we are at the beginning of a work-method revolution that is more needed than ever, due to the fast changes within digitalisation and global competition. And the best way to develop these skills is together, across organisations.

This Event took place the 4th of June


A product gains its value when it is used by the end consumer. For this to happen, the mind of the consumer needs to be engaged in the product. However good a product is, if it does not appeal to the consumer, it will not be a success. Engagement of the mind is equally essential when constructing a product, but here, it is the minds of the designers that are involved. You could thus say that value is created when the minds of designers have, through the product, reached the minds of the consumers. This truth is made visible in agile methods, where communication between developers, intermediaries and consumers are part of the agenda. Even so, awareness of the importance of understanding the minds of consumers is often lacking. In this workshop, we will discuss methods to increase this awareness and we will try out tools that facilitate reflection on the variability in modes of thinking.

This Event took place the 3rd of april

All our events gives most time to discussions and the sharing of knowledge


The Agile mindset can be a challenge, both to existing management structures and individuals unused to flexible thinking. Learn more about these challenges and how to meet them by adjusting implementation to how the brain processes information. In this workshop, we will start from the participant’s own experiences and try out verbal tools that enhance communication and motivation to change.


To get maximised output from Agile methods we need to get the teams to work well together, irrespective of their backgrounds from different cultures. Different parts of an organisation develop their own subcultures, which affect how they interpret how to get things done. In this workshop, we will address methods to bridge different ways of thinking. You will practice using tools that enable you to identify and adapt to these differences. As a result, you will be able to facilitate the input from different areas of expertise and build trust in a mixed team.


Good user stories not only get the production off at a flying start but also give the team an understanding of the relevance of end consumer behaviour. Creating an imaginary user story is an ability that does not come readily to all teams, but there are several tools that will enhance the learning process. In this workshop, we will discuss how the brain creates future scenarios, and how to use this knowledge to improve the ability to produce a good user story. We will try out practical tools that can be used both individually and in groups.

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