“Change is the Key to meet change successfully”

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We aim to build this platform based on what you enjoy and require. Our ambition is to spread interest and knowledge about agile methods: we believe them to provide a more wholesome, and at the same time more productive, working environment. Any successful change needs to be based on what motivates the participant, which is why we are here to listen and engage with you, should you be curious about what the network can give you. 

Io Skogsmyr

I am a professional in organisation development, learning and coaching. My methods are grounded in my scientiFc understanding – I am an associate professor in evolutionary biology and have recently upgraded my knowledge with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a focus on neuropsychology.
Why do more than 60% of reorganisations fail? Because mind shifts only happen when you use tools adapted to how our brains work. If you want to learn more about this, join one of our workshops!

Tony Spodnjak

I’m a professional in building platforms and networks with the ability to bring people together from different organisations. These platforms allow for knowledge-sharing and innovations and for the participants to reach win-win business developments. I have a diverse background from working with sales, business development and project-management in different organisations such as construction, IT, logistics and public organisations. My interest here is to share knowledge and know- how about lean and agile ideas to enhance organisations ability to innovate and work across organisations efficiently.

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