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Thanks for a successful event!

On Monday the 27th of January we had our first MOVE-IT Mondays event in Malmö with Jambiz Group! 

The Event was an hour long accessible for all timeframe at 16:00 to 17:15 where we meet and discuss and help us to solve the question of the Monday: HOW TO TEST AND VALIDATE WORK IN AN AGILE ENVIRONMENT? 


Warm welcome to the agile network!

Join our meetings and find new peers and colleagues to exchange experiences and expertise in Agile methods!

For you and the community to stay connected and share between meetings! 

Start & Stay Agile

The results are done from the Start & Stay Agile workshop. Read more about them below. 

About the languages used on this website and in this network

We communicate our events and activities in English, this to make sure that our message gets across to all potential participants, national or international. The events will be in Swedish unless there are participants who only speak English, in which case we will hold presentations and have groups in English. Please indicate if you prefer English when you register for an event.


Agile methods can become part of tomorrow’s organisations if we create well- functioning teams and use the potential of digitalisation. But how to reach these goals? How do we produce constant positive development at a rate that suits our specific organisation and work environment?

The Agile Network has been created for those who want to share experiences with others curious about agile methods. Learning takes place in meetings where we discuss themes created by the members of the network. You will also have the possibility to try out different tools that facilitate the implementation of an Agile mindset: the workshops will give you both practice and occasion to interact in discussions with peers.

First and foremost, this is a network for those who see meetings and interactions with others as an important source for development – something that is at the core of an Agile mindset.


Join our meetings and find new peers and colleagues to exchange experiences and expertise in Agile methods!

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